Ruckit develops software for the construction industry particularly for material producers and trucking companies. Ruckit's flagship mobile application is developed for truck drivers who use it to receive and track a days work. The covid pandemic introduced numerous pain points in the construction industry as plenty of processes in the industry involves face to face contact. The payment for construction materials required customers to go into the billing offices at plants and quarries in order to submit a form of payment. This was a major issue as customers may be buying multiple materials for numerous projects with each requiring a form of payment to be submitted at a time where limiting contact was recommended. To address this issue we set out to design a solution for producers of aggregate material that enabled their customers to submit payment information without interacting with staff at plants and quarries.
Ruckit Aggregate Pay Mobile Application 
Ruckit Aggregate Pay mobile app is designed for use by customers of material producers. It provides customers the ability to submit forms of payment and receive a receipt once deliveries have been made and payments processed.
Customers first check into a particular plant and select a form of payment to begin receiving tickets for their orders.
Tickets act as the home screen and displays customers' tickets by plant location on a day by day basis. If a delivery issue arises the ability to accept or dispute a specific ticket can be done while viewing the ticket.
Receipts displays by each plant location the amount of material delivered and the cost the customer has accrued. A digital receipt can be viewed and downloaded by the customer. Customers can add multiple forms of payment.
Ruckit Aggregate Pay Mobile Application Demo
Ruckit Agg Pay mobile app prototype demo used to get feedback from perspective customers.
Ruckit Aggregate Pay Mobile APPlication Interactive Prototype
Have a little fun and play around with an interactive prototype of Ruckit Aggregate Pay using the link below.

Ruckit Aggregate Pay Web Application
The Ruckit Aggregate Pay web app is designed for staff at aggregate plants who are responsible for processing customer payments.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Tickets displays all tickets created at the plant that is then to be grouped by the customer receiving the material. Billing staff at the plant move each ticket to the corresponding customer group to prepare for billing. 
Once all tickets for a customer have been grouped the billing staff then verifies and processes the payment submitted by the customer from the mobile app.
Ruckit Aggregate Pay Web Application Demo Video
Ruckit Agg Pay web app prototype demo used to get feedback from perspective customers.
My Involvement & Contribution
The team allocated to the Ruckit Aggregate pay project consisted of one front end developer, one back end developer, one project manager, one member of the customer success team and a designer. As the designer on the project I collaborated with the project manager and customer success team to determine feature requirements and gather customer needs. I then worked with developers to get an understanding of what can be done within the timeframe set my the project manager. Once my first version mockups were completed I gathered feedback from the team and made necessary revisions. With revisions completed I created interactive prototypes to demo and gather feedback from customers. Using customer feedback further revisions were made and a development plan was prepared. The project manager and I collaborated with the development team to scope V1 development.
ruckit Aggregate Pay Web App interactive Prototype
Have a little fun and play around with an interactive prototype of Ruckit Aggregate Pay below. 

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