Hey, my name is Ty, I'm currently a Senior UX Designer at Ascension Healthcare. I graduated from Full Sail University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Arts and Design. I'm an avid fan of board games and films in addition to my zealous love of design. 
I'm always open to new opportunities and meeting new people so go ahead and drop me a line!

My friends and I have been really into Machi Koro lately, I highly recommend!

"Ten Principles Of Good Design"
Good Design Is Innovative
Good Design Makes A Product Useful
Good Design Is Aesthetic
Good Design Makes A Product Understandable
Good Design Is Unobtrusive
Good Design Is Honest
Good Design Is Long-lasting
Good Design Is Thorough Down To The Last Detail
Good Design Is Environmentally Friendly
Good Design Is As Little Design As Possible"
Dieter Rams

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